Supermodel Hair Bun Maker

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To girls out there with long hair, we understand that it’s never easy when you need to keep your hair neatly around your head. Making hair buns takes a really long time if it’s not done correctly. The Supermodel Hair Bun Maker is here to give you the instant bun hairdo you always wanted with almost no effort needed!

Product Description:

  • Timeless & limitless: Save the time taken from redoing hair buns & get even more than 1 way to get the perfect hair bun that you dreamed off! 
  • Different color choices: We have 6 different color (refer to gallery) for our product to match your hair tone so you can blend your hair perfectly with our bun maker. 
  • Durable & safe: Made with eco-friendly polyester, our product is flexible & comfortable enough to be wrapped around your hair all day long with no side effect. 
  • Dimension: Around 21cm x 2.5cm

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