Squishy Animal Stress Reliever

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Get one of our hilariously cute squishy animals and stick them wherever you please! We have a cute lil animal for every occasion!

Nothing can be more therapeutic than watching one of our cats resting peacefully on his back, ready for you to squeeze :D

In addition, our squishy animals act as a stress ball for the anxious moments in your life. Squeeze and rub them in times of anxiety and watch your stress just disappear! Some would say the feeling of rubbing them/poking them is one of pure bliss!

Our cute animals are resilient lil things - being able to withstand knocks and resistant to wear and tear. 

Place them anywhere you want! From your laptop to your desk to your mirror - our squishy animals will look good anywhere!!

These cute animal "squishies" are sure to get you numerous compliments on how cute they are!

Cleaning Instructions:

Cleaning our adorable animal squishy is good to keep them nice and fresh and ready to help you tackle the day!

1. Use clean water and a bit of detergent to wash the silicone squishy

2. Use scotch tape to gently stick onto the squishy to remove any remaining dust particles

Shipping generally takes 2-4 weeks depending on location. Some distant areas can take a bit longer, but we'll get it to you!