Nail Trimmer for Dog and Cats

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The easiest and quickest way your pet can have for a perfect pedicure service. The sandpaper gently nails the nails, leaving them with no possibility to scratch floors, furniture, etc. Avoid cutting the nails too much, avoiding bleeding. Perfect for all types of dogs and cats!

What the professionals say:

Care is needed when the nails grow too big and hurt the dog's paws when walking (it is better not to cut them, there is a risk of reaching the vein in the dogs' nails). The cause is the insufficient natural wear, due to lack of friction in the nails, generally due to the sedentary life or to smooth floors

How to sand: use a dog-friendly sandpaper or the rough side of a nail file. Wear the nail until it is finished with a rounded and short finish, without being close to the finger

Frequency: two to three times a week. Helps detect mycosis of nails, ticks and problems in the fingers and paws, such as chilblains, warts and tumors

  • Works only with 2 medium batteries - Not included
  • Dimension: 292 x 150 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 265g
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Pet Nail Trimmer Electric Clipper
  • 3 x Polish Roll Replacement

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