FEG Eyebrow Enhancer

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Works by activating the dormant hair follicle germ tissue, then promoting rapid growth of eyebrows. Eyebrows will get longer, thicker and fuller within 20 days of using the product, but results can be seen as soon as 7 days after using the solution.


  1. Affordable, no fragrance, non-chemical, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-animal testing, 100% natural ( safe and healthy).
  2. An intensive overnight brow conditioning treatment
  3. Potent blend of nourishing peptides, vitamins & botanicals
  4. Lavishly replenishes & hydrates each strand of eyebrow
  5. Makes even stubby, fragile, barely-visible brows longer & fuller in 6 weeks

How to Use it?

Apply this product and draw a line with the enhancer at base of your eyebrows. Kindly use this product consistently to get effective results. Some people claimed to notice much changes in length and thickness of their eyebrows within few weeks of regular application. 

Try to use this product as part of your beauty regimen. These are not temporary solution unlike the eyebrow implants instead they work to grow fuller and more lustrous eyebrows.

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