Cat Hammock

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A space-saving cat hammock your feline will love! 

You can have both a clutter free home and a satisfied cat! You treasure your kitty, but the pet furniture you buy makes your living room unsightly and disorderly. Your options are limited and cleaning around your cat’s furnishings is difficult. 

Our clever little hammock eliminates the clutter from bulky pet beds while providing a sense of warmth, security and comfort for your feline! It attaches securely by fully adjustable straps and removes easily for storage or travel. It also comes with four anti-slip rubber rings and four buckles to add safety and steadiness. Just wrap the rubber rings below the ends of the straps and have no fear of the hammock sliding down!

Buy your cat hammock today and eliminate that clutter while keeping your furry family member happy!

Size Chart:

S: 37 * 37cm

L: 48 * 48cm 

Product Description:

  • A cat hammock that fits under virtually any chair.
  • Use wasted space underneath your chair and eliminate clutter from bulky pet beds.
  • Somewhere your cat can hideout and sleep.
  • Strap design doesn’t slip.

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