Animal Feet Socks

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Turn your feet into ANIMAL FEET! 

These amazing socks let your feet become paws and hooves of various types of animals including cats, elephants, zebras, eagles, horses, and more.

These unique animal feet socks have HD imagery printed on all sides of the sock that makes it look like you actually have animal feet. The bottom of these socks look just like the bottom of the creature's feet! So no matter what angle someone views your feet from, you will always stand out! These animal feet socks are a style statement, a perfect addition to an animal costume, or even just a fun way to chill around the house!

The animal feet socks are made from 100% polyester, come in one-size-fits-most (up to men's size 13), and are machine washable.

Shipping generally takes 2-4 weeks depending on location. Some distant areas can take a bit longer, but we'll get it to you!