10 PC Gold Collagen Hydrating Chest Masks

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Our Gold Mask facilitates the penetration of natural breast enhancing extracts into the breast skin. The ingredients act as a firming agent, adding nourishment to cellular structure and injecting vital nutrients into breasts for vigor and lift.

Our mask revitalizes breasts to a supple and youthful look by plumping skin and promoting collagen production. Active ingredients increase circulation and hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving elasticity and firmness, protecting against aging for a smoother, glowing skin tone.

In addition, the mask also mimics the effects of estrogen. Breasts are toned quickly, resulting in increased volume and oomph. Provides added suppleness, shape, that make breasts look fuller and more voluminous, effectively reversing the natural aging process and the resultant sagging.

The ideal treatment for females who want to improve the firmness and appearance of their breasts. For those who may experience menopause, internal estrogen loss, or post breast augmentation.

*Each purchase comes with 10 pieces of our Gold Chest Masks

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