About Us

A gift for every person at every price point.

We at Amazing Curios are on a mission. This mission is simple. To provide great value and quality in each and every one of the products that we personally source - from factory to doorstep.

Amazing Curios was founded when 3 college friends traveled together through Japan on an eye-opening graduate trip. They saw a multitude of interesting and stunning items on their travels, priced at levels a fraction of what it would have cost to purchase back home.

They came home and set up Amazing Curios, armed with both the contacts made in their travels and the will to streamline the process that it took to manufacture a product and to ship it directly to your doorstep. They understood that with fewer hands taking their share in between, the savings could then be passed on directly to the most important person in the chain, You.



How do we do it?

Through our global network of supply & logistic partners and our highly cost-efficient supply chain, we cut out unnecessary overheads of traditional brick-and-mortar retail and bring products direct to our customers. 

To achieve such lean economics, we shorten our supply chain through the co-location of our business team with our upstream suppliers and logistic partners, utilising technology and just-in-time processes to achieve scale economics. 

Our headquarters is based in Asia-Pacific.